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Angie & Steve: 09-27-2003

Ashley & Adam: 09-24-2005

Brenda & Norman: ??-??-????

Heather & Jeremy: 11-04-2006

Jay & Rita: 07-12-2003

Jennifer & David: ??-??-????

Jim & Karen: ??-??-????

Kim & Steve: 09-13-2003

Lisa & Clyde: 08-15-1981

Louise & Ellis: ??-??-????

Mike & Carolyn: ??-??-????

Rusty & Melissa: ??-??-????

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THE BIG DAY: September 27th, 2003

It started out raining at the beach, but then right on cue the clouds parted, the guests gathered, he waited anxiously under a palm tree with the ocean as a backdrop, and then she decended the stairs, a vision in white.

It was more a party with friends and family -- with a couple of I-DOs in the mix (and they DID). Dinner was served, drinks were poured, dancing and music echoed off the sand dunes. And they live happily ever after...one day at a time!

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